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Magical Georgia

To sum up Tbilisi in Georgia Country.

When we came to Georgia we had good expectations of the new country that we wanted to call home. Within the first day or two those expectations were met and mostly exceeded tenfold. It is an amazing beautiful country. If you want to visit a city where small children still play in the parks till eleven at night. A place where the streets are clean and people are proud of what they are doing then Tbilisi is the city to visit. Rated as one of the safest cities in the world, Tbilisi has a very proud and visible police force.

Tbilisi History.

Georgia has one of the richest histories in the world including: The fact that The territory of modern Georgia was home to humans since the Palaeolithic era and the early Georgian tribes appeared in written history in the 12th century before Christ. The oldest evidence of wine ever found was also in Georgia where 8000 year old wine jars were discovered. Goldsmith and metallurgy in Georgia dates back to the 7th century before Christ.

Closer to home we as South Africans had a very important Georgian Citizen in our midst’s by the name of Niko Bagrationi. Son of Prince George Nikolaevich Bagration he fought alongside the boers in the Anglo Boer War as a volunteer officer in the Boer army. This gave him the nickname of ნიკო ბურიNiko Buri  (Niko the Boer) in Georgia.

The people of Tbilisi.

The country has around 4 million citizens of which around 90% are Christians and we as South Africans feel safe and at home. The citizens of Tbilisi are great. We never feel unwelcome or that we did not belong because of our different culture.

We invite you to come and experience Tbilisi yourself. Tbilisi is one of the cities with the lowest cost of living this means you will not break the bank. Adding the fact that South Africans don’t require visas to visit makes it the perfect trip. A experience you and your family won’t forget…

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