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When you come and visit the amazing country of Georgia you will find that it is a sculpture of enormous mountains, a lot of rivers, beautiful valleys and peaceful meadows.

This breathtaking country is in the center of Caucasus region. You will experience a unique culture and some of the best unspoiled nature. This is the place to go hiking and exploring. You will realize that Georgia is one of the last European wildernesses where you can freely roam at your own pace. You must not forget about the local cuisine and the opportunity to interact with the great people of Georgia.

We are inviting all South Africans to come and experience this beautiful country firsthand. Georgia is a country that will not be done justice by pictures or even thousands of words. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us. Remember we are based in Tbilisi . We will gladly try and assist with any questions or assistance you might require regarding Tbilisi.