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Visit Tbilisi

Welcome to visit Tbilisi this is an introduction to who we are and how this website evolves. We are an Afrikaans family from the beautiful but troublesome country of South Africa.
Our base is in Tbilisi Georgia after our family made the mutual decision that we wanted to move to a country where we can still enjoy unspoiled nature and where our children will have a safer and better future.

To say that this decision was easy would be a lie. We still love South Africa our culture and people, but our children enjoyed every moment since we arrived. They can visit the local convenient store anytime, they can go in the middle of the night to buy cold drinks or milk and the greatest is that we have no concern. Children play in the parks, senior citizens stroll in the streets after midnight. This is a testimony to Tbilisiā€™s safety compare to our old city Pretoria. Even when compared to more popular South African immigration cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and London.

The experience accordingly is great. Little disappointment makes up our day to day living in Tbilisi. We enjoy going to the mall till late coming back to our house. No need for the constant guard or to sleep with one eye open. The safety changed our complete existence in a couple of months.

We realized that few South Africans are aware of this country. Those aware of Georgia and the Visa free travel might still be unsure regarding the actual conditions in Georgia. We decided to create this website to offer a service to those uncertain and those who might have questions that need answers to help make the decision to undertake a journey to Georgia.

Summing up.

We are attempting to answer any questions and to recommend affordable accommodation that we experience firsthand through our travels. Thank you for taking the time to read this short informational piece and we would like to invite you again to come and visit Georgia. Please contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions: